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Redcap Country by Henry Dodson

99 cents limited time only.
It is the summer of 2028, well into the third term of the president.

In the small town of Lockhart, Texas, 15 year-old Jesse Cartwell finds a sleeved newspaper in the driveway of the trailer home he shares with his dad. But the paper is not supposed to be come today. This is a special delivery, and the headline reads just one word in giant, bold print:


Jesse has grown up in a town where no one questions their country and everyone fears the Lord. It is a place where young men in red caps patrol the streets in pickup trucks, enforcing one law above all else: Do what you are told.

This summer he will meet Deidre, a girl a year younger who will change the way he thinks about the world, and may give him the courage to change it.


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