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The Art of Being Relevant - How to Book a Meeting with Anyone: A guide to book more, higher quality meetings by Paul Roberts

Booking meetings has just become a lot easier!

This isn't about selling. You know how to do that part. But getting a meeting with a key executive who can sponsor you, your product or your ideas - whether it be a CEO, CIO or similar is often difficult. Senior leaders are inundated with sales calls and emails every day, and you only get one chance to stand out. Thankfully this book makes it much easier with a simple and refreshing approach which you will be able to implement immediately.

After 10 years of research and practice, top performing salesman Paul Roberts has developed a strategy which has helped him secure meetings with people who are often extremely difficult to reach. Taking his successful conversion rates when prospecting from under 10% when cold calling to averaging an 80% success rate, Roberts discusses how this simple approach works and how you can implement it incredibly quickly. All you have to do is be relevant.

From meeting with CEO's to potential mentors, Roberts discovered he could get past gatekeepers and reach those elusive executives by personalising his approach, using a methodology he calls "The Art of Being Relevant". This book outlines the methodology, cadence and approach to help you become more successful at securing those hard to get meetings.

After reading nearly every book available on sales, prospecting and social media marketing, Roberts found that none of the strategies discussed was as successful as the methodology he used. Forget the hype of social selling, success depended on one word - relevance.

This book will provide you with the complete methodology and guidance to book many more higher quality meetings, which will ultimately lead to increased sales and success! If this book helps you secure just one hard to get meeting, then the price will have been covered many times over!


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