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Changed Man: Lover's Rock - Escape Through Music by Mason di Emperor

Changed Man: Lover's Rock - Escape Through Music by Mason di Emperor

Changed Man is a perceptive read. Similar to an easy, yet, insightful reasoning session with a friend, time passes unnoticed because it was nice to chat with someone who simply understands. I have enough to share his triumphs, and more importantly, his failures and how I have prevailed. To clarify, this is not a self help book or some form of pseudo science. There are plenty of those on the shelves. This book is about a man that confronts his shadows. Metaphorically, just about every man has his shadows, the self he asserts even if he is uncertain of its affect. And, eventually, many men do challenge this dark aspect of their personality, but they just do not tell us. At the same time, rarely do we provide the time and a secure social space for men to partake in this type of self exploration. Mason di Emperor is aware that you are a luxury, but which pathway they take. And as I have generously but responsibly extended to a spot for the reader to hold a meditation with him, he is also aware of his own vulnerabilities. Yet, he takes the risk and accepts accountability for his action. A remarkable approach, particularly, for the man who prefers to observe and reflect, his identity slightly sheltered with a hat and shades. But his courage to suspend his preference for quiet reflection inspires the reader to the same. A brother can gain some strength from this form of bravery. And yes, a sister can gain some insight, particularly, on how to love her in such a way that she is not afraid to love her back. Ann Grant, Designer / Art Editor, Zen Creatif. Creative Zen


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