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Hope’s Faith 3: Is Faith Enough? by Raegan Dennis

Hope’s Faith 3: Is Faith Enough? by Raegan Dennis

When trouble knocks on the door of the King family home, it sets a series of events off that no one is prepared for. Hope is faced with yet another pregnancy and everyone seems to be happy but her. How will she learn to accept this new blessing when she does not see it as a blessing?

Eric is maturing and as the plan for his life is revealed the enemy tries to form many weapons to stop what God has already ordained. Will Eric succumb to his old coping mechanisms or will he trust the Lord to see him through?

A respected teacher, Shawn King has captured the attention of a fellow teacher who may not have his best interest at heart. He does his best to not give in to the many advances of this attractive art teacher, but the more he turns her down, the harder she tries. Will Shawn stay true to his vows or give in to this teaching temptress?

In the finale of the Hope's Faith series find out the fate of the King family and those they love like family. Is faith enough to hold this family together?


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