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How Sweet It Is by Genevieve Ryan

How Sweet It Is by Genevieve Ryan

Living on the small Island of Nantucket, Massachusetts might have been the idea of perfection for some, but for Lydia Duncan, she craved the big city life and something more. She left behind her family and the man she knew she would have spent the rest of my life with to pursue her dream. At 28, Lydia was a big shot lawyer. When her father dies, she’s left with no choice but to go back to the one place she ran away from, home. Ty Rune watched Lydia walk away, but never forgot her. Over the past ten years, his love for her has only gotten stronger. Now that she’s home, he’d do anything he can to make her realize what it’s like to be an island girl and to be in love. Two things that she once did so well. Will Lydia and Ty be able to rekindle their relationship? Or will Lydia’s time in the big city, spoil the one true love she’s ever had?


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