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Tales of Gale: The Dark Hunt

Tales of Gale: The Dark Hunt

One of the best in the business dealing with modern-day retribution to creatures of the night: Gale Warden, a revered bounty hunter, monster slayer, and a blood-born warrior from an ancient creed known as the Shepherds. His private company, the Order of Zissuru, has been on the front lines battling evil mythological beings for thousands of years. A recent werewolf sighting has been spotted in the forests in Michigan and the company has sent Gale to hunt down the target. After tracking down the beast he finds himself walking into a horrifying death trap. In the mids of mortal combat, Gale discovers an esoteric conspiracy that threatens the very fabric of society. But as the storm rages, with seconds to act and little to work with, there's no telling which animal will prove itself to be the apex predator ... The Shepherd, or the Wolf?


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