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Trafficked: a novel by Sophia Rey

Trafficked: a novel by Sophia Rey

When Em's father loses his job the middle of junior year, her perfect life comes to an end. New city, new school - hard, especially for a girl with Aspergers. Carol, a girl from school, introduces her to Mason, a college guy who makes her feel beautiful ... and normal. Mason is the perfect boyfriend ... until the accident.

While Em tries to make sense of the change in Mason, she learns that Carol has failed prey to a sex trafficker named Mamma Laura.
Em needs to make some decisions. Can she help Carol? Should she help Carol? And can she win back Mason's love? The more Em learns, the more she wonders ... should she?

Sophie Rey has used her experience as a counselor and her work with trafficked teens and adults to create a suspense filled story about two seemingly ordinary teens who find themselves targets for sex traffickers. Along the way we find ourselves asking important questions about our own vulnerability. Trafficked is a must-read for both teens and parents alike, and contains a useful Reading Group Discussion Guide to help start important conversations.


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