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Daedalus by Skully

Daedalus by Skully

Daedalus is a story that follows the life of Etana Daedo, who is born in 2130 into a world obsessed with Mechs for military defense, corporate power and entertainment purposes.

The story follows him, his friends and enemies while they attend Fortescue Military Academy where they learn to build and fight with mechs at the elite level. The young cadets are primarily concerned with their academic and social standing within the Academy and the Inter-Academy league they compete in.

Where the adults are primarily concerned with preparations from perceived Alien threat and their usual domestic squabbles over money and power.

The characters will evolve as they age and progress through year at the Academy, they have the potential to be the best engineers and pilots the world has ever seen but will they be ready to defend planet earth by the time they graduate?


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