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Game of Twins by Mo Robinson

Game of Twins by Mo Robinson

A sizzling mystery thriller
Serial murders of beautiful twins over a century. Impossible! 

When Atlanta's top Homicide cop, Suzanne Delacroix, catches a triple murder case - two teenage twins and their mom brutally murdered in Cascade Heights - something at the crime scene compels her to turn in her badge and gun. Something more than just the ritualistic mayhem jangles her very soul.

Later, as a legal investigator and as a favor to a longtime friend she takes on a nondescript case in a sleepy Atlanta suburb but soon discovers things are not what they seem. She again becomes entangled in the Cascade murders which she believes are related to those of several teen twins going back more than 100 years...and to the death of her cop father...and to what happened to her two decades ago at a frat party...and to an Evil she could have never imagined. 

Do you like (some or all of the below):

-Fun fiction & beach reads?
-Mystery thrillers...novels with mystery & thrills?
-Tales of serial killers?
-Books about brilliant, beautiful female detectives?
-Historical fiction?
-Stories with hot sex, sports, the occult and supernatural?

Is you answered yes, to 2 or more of the questions above, out Game of Twins, a new release mystery-thriller.


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