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My Mother's Words by TWYLA N. GARRETT

My Mother's Words by TWYLA N. GARRETT

The last words I ever heard from my mother at the age of fourteen was” You won’t amount to shit.” During that time, I had already been sexually molested, mentally and physically abused. I was court ordered to now moved with my father, who I had no memory or recollection of knowing. I thought that was the worst moment of my young teen life. Well, the worst moment of my life turned out to be my BIGGEST BLESSING!. I wrote My Mother's Words to inspire and motivate those who think that negative circumstances or situations will be your predictor of how your life will turn out and for those who uses negativity as an excuse for why you are not further ahead. I encourage you to READ this book. This book outlines my pain, sorrow, setbacks, joy, accomplishments, and triumph. My story is still being shaped and I pray that these experiences will continue to make my journey fruitful and motivating. My main goal of this book is to show the reader the most negative words and actions can be your most positive motivator to succeed in life and business. I hope that this reading is an inspiration to thrive through the pain and negativity and to always see the glass half full.


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