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Amazon Echo Show: Everything You Should Know About Amazon Echo Show From Beginner To Advanced by William Seals

Amazon Echo Show: Everything You Should Know About Amazon Echo Show From Beginner To Advanced  by William Seals

The Amazon Echo Show is the next upgrade for Alexa – you’ll hear a lot of people saying it’s Alexa with a screen. That being said, you can say that this is a visual upgrade so to speak. Now Alexa can provide you with some visuals. Of course, if you’re a fan of the Echo and other previous products in this line, you may have already figured out that there are controls and commands that are easier to access with something visual or on-screen, right?

And that is what the Echo Show gives you and more. Some have said that the experience with this “version” of Alexa is that you now let her see you and you in a way see her. So what should you expect from this device? Here’s a little sneak peak:

For one thing it is easy to use.
There are features from Alexa that are definitely a lot better with some visual displays such as lists and timers for instance.
It can play video. Now, that’s something you can’t do with a smart speaker.
You also get visual search results.

Are there things that the boys from the Amazon think tank should improve on? The answer is yes. Note that the Echo Show has tons of potential, which is why the competition is hard at work trying to match it. However, here are a few downsides that everyone should know about:

It has no privacy shutter – that means people can Drop on you and of course you can’t deny access to the person calling (aka see what you’re up to at the moment when they start the video conference).
Some of the skills that come with this Show are good but there are a few kinks that do need some work.

We all know that Amazon’s smart digital assistant is always improving and the Echo Show is proof of that. Here in this book we’ll cover everything you need to know about it and we’re unabashedly going to include both what’s to like about it and what not.


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