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Awakening: Ancient Purge Book 1 by MC Bass

Awakening: Ancient Purge Book 1 by MC Bass

An evil Russian billionaire seeking immortality steals an ancient chest lid from a secret society, and unknowingly unleashes hell on earth.
His chief scientist, Dr. Lauren Martinez, watches in horror as her patient transforms into something otherworldly. She fights for her life as the creature goes on a killing spree.
The bubonic plague, smallpox, and many other diseases aren’t what we think they were, because history is wrong. It's something far worse!
Can Dr. Martinez stop what she helped create or is it too late? Will humanity survive the coming apocalypse? Will anything survive what's coming?
If you like the books of great authors like Jeremy Robinson, James Rollins, and Greig Beck then you’ll love M.C. Bass.
Get Ready for the Ride of Your Life!


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