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Teej and Laurie’s Inflated Adventures

Teej and Laurie’s Inflated Adventures

Teej and Laurie are Irish twins that live with their parents, Kris and Tony. You can join in the fun with them as they experience life one adventure at a time.

The journey begins with an invitation to Teej's special birthday party. After showing off his fancy dance moves, he's crowned the Monkey King of the dance floor. Then what was supposed to be one of the greatest days of his life turns into tragedy, when his highly coveted birthday gift is put in jeopardy. Find out why I have recorded this day as his best and worst day ever.

Then they are off to spending a regular week with their mom, Kris. Teej and Laurie are in shock and disbelief when their mom decides to let them skip school, take a trip to the beach, and even host a "boys versus girls" family game night.

But it's not all fun and games. You can join in the suspense as Teej and Laurie take a trip to Grandma's house. They both learn how to overcome their fears as they travel through the jungle that is called Grandma's backyard. They are suddenly troubled by a suspicious knock coming from a mysterious door hidden deep in the backyard. Help them solve the mystery as they try to figure out if their grandpa is keeping a dangerous secret from everyone.

Lastly, what is life without lessons? Laurie struggles with popularity over morals in this adventure. She has her heart set on a pair of pink sparkly shoes that all the popular girls in school are wearing. She sets out to eagerly do chores around the house and neighborhood in hopes of making all the money she needs. But she soon learns that those shoes may not be worth the trouble she got into to. Has she learned the importance of being true to herself, or will she continue in her journey of becoming one of the popular kids?


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