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Foods That Will Take You To A Happy Place: Healthy Foods That Reduce Stress, Depression and Anxiety (Health Is Wealth Book 1) by Tresha Monique

Foods That Will Take You To A Happy Place: Healthy Foods That Reduce Stress, Depression and Anxiety (Health Is Wealth Book 1) by Tresha Monique

Be Happy! Live Happily!
Happiness is an absolute term. Unlike many abstracts that are open to interpretation, it’s pretty easy to know if you’re happy or not. 
We all desire to be happy, although the complexities of our lives and the hectic schedules that we face on a daily basis have a tendency to rob us of this opportunity to be happy. 
Still, it is very possible to find yourself in that happy place. 
That’s the purpose of this book.
Witten by the brilliant and insightful Tresha Monique, this book takes you on a journey of self-discovery, opening your eyes to the possibility of being happy through one of the most unconventional means; food. 
It’s ideal to believe that the only way to be truly happy is to develop a specific type of lifestyle that will keep your mind and heart right at all times. While this isn’t false, you should know that certain types of food can actually free your mind and generate feelings of happiness as well. 
It might sound like a myth, but with this book, you’ll find that it really isn’t. 
However, this book will show you foods that can help improve your mood; it also brings you in contact with a few other truths: 
1. The fact that the happier you become, the less stress is able to affect you as you live your life.
2. The power that certain types of foods have to improve your happiness.
3. Scientifically-proven food classes and types that can help achieve happiness.
4. The benefits that these foods have and how they can improve your mental and physical health.
5. Actionable tips that will help make you a healthier and happier person.

Why should you read this book?
It is genuine
Every book is based off on specific facts. As opposed to relying on myths or uncertain statements, everything written in this book can easily be fact-checked and verified. Tresha makes use of genuine facts and her personal experiences to guide you- the reader- on a journey of discovering happiness and staying that way.
It’s scientifically-backed
It‘s easy to look on a book like this and believe that the things written are subjective; on the contrary, the facts here are scientifically-proven. They’re based on proper research and empirical study, and you can easily go on to test them as well. 
The food recommended here is sure to help bring an improvement to your mood. 
It’s no hoax. This is science.
Its tips are practical, another reason why this book is ideal; the fact that everything you read here can easily be practiced. There are no arduous or excessively long processes to go through. Instead, the book goes to show that with simple and straightforward steps, you can actually live a happy and healthy life. The book will help you achieve nutritional happiness. It will debunk some myths about popular foods. 
It shows you practical ways to improve your state of mind by boosting mental health; you can improve your physical health as well. The book is also very detailed. No vagueness whatsoever!
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