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Cruishing: A Short Story by Tom Caval

Cruishing: A Short Story by Tom Caval

Go cruising with your crush is such a bad idea ...

Hopeless romantic Matteo knows not to cross the line. Erik is his friend, and, therefore, forbidden zone. Besides, he is a well-known heartbreaker. But after a difficult break-up and too much time spent wallowing in his grief, he’s ready to step outside his comfort zone and try something new.

A Sunday morning with his friend at London’s most sophisticated hotspot for eligible bachelors is the ideal place to have some fun. But Erik lives up to his reputation being a magnet for men and his flirtations spark jealousy in Matteo. As the day grows longer, the influx of new admirers threatens to blur the lines between his friendship with Erik and the attraction he shouldn’t feel for him.

Will he let his true feelings be known or will he sit idly by and watch Erik do what he does best?

Cruishing is a gay short story full of funny and sexy situations about hiding your true feelings to not get your heart broken. This short story contains an excerpt from the novel I’m Going to Give the Gays Everything They Want.


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