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Boundaries: Real life can be stranger than fiction by Gavin McChristie

Boundaries: Real life can be stranger than fiction by Gavin McChristie 

From an Inspiring new Author ~ Amazon Reviewers Feedback - Powerful and emotional read, will have you laughing out loud and nearly crying. Pacey short chapters make the story, based on true events, vivid main characters, captivating and difficult to put down. 

What hope do you have when no one believes in you?

Tough-talking and ready with his fists, Mickie didn’t exactly have the best start in life. Growing up in the 80s in a rough Glaswegian suburb where no one’s heard of dyslexia, his teachers view him as a lost cause, while his parents despair. When the only available entertainment is breaking into cake vans and hotwiring construction vehicles, Mickie’s future looks bleak.

The only shining light in his life is his best friend, Angus. Struggling just as much with literacy, Angus manages to rise above his disability to prove you can achieve against the odds. Angus is an inspiration, but can Mickie follow his example and build a better life, or will he lose himself in a world of drugs, gang violence, and crime?

Boundaries: Real Life can be Stranger than Fiction, is perfect for those who love reading heart-breaking biographies with a hint of Trainspotting, The Breakfast Club, and The Godfather. 

In this crime fiction based on real events, Gavin McChristie takes you on a whirlwind journey of emotion and self-discovery that will leave you breathless.

Download your copy today and lose yourself in this incredible story of one man’s fight against all odds to save himself for the sake of his son.


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