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Quit Your F*cking Job: Escape the Great American Hoax and Live Free by Oliver Trojahn

Quit Your F*cking Job: Escape the Great American Hoax and Live Free by Oliver Trojahn

All your life, you’ve been taught that you need to wait, that everything you want requires hard work, sacrifice, and patience. This is the underlying philosophy of the American dream – go to school, get a job, buy a house, save your money, and wait. Before you know it, you’ve spent your whole life living on someone else’s terms. 

There is another way...
In Quit Your F*cking Job, Oliver Trojahn shows you that everything you want in life is waiting, but first you need to reject the principles of the American dream, or as he calls it, the great American hoax. Whether your dream is to start a passion business, travel the world, or just have time to stop and smell the roses, the first step is quitting your job and embracing the unconventional. This book shows you how.

Oliver spent seven years in the corporate 9-5 grind, slowly accumulating cash-flowing real estate on the side. As his passive income grew, so too did his realization that there was another way to live. He quit his job, and start living by the rules that define the growing demographic of the “new rich”.

He rejected the idea that you need to work a job you don’t like, and embrace the concept of Lifestyle Design. Now he works according to his lifestyle, not the other way around. He retired by the age of 30, which he’s proud to say is 17 years sooner than his mentor Robert Kiyosaki (Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad), and since has become an expert in real estate investing and business ownership.

Quitting his job and rejecting the great American hoax has allowed Oliver to...
Increase his real estate portfolio from one $30k townhouse to $15M in apartment buildings.
Start and grow two multi-million dollar private label online companies.
Improve his golf handicap from 26 to 10 in three months.
Maintain 9% body fat throughout the whole year.
Travel the world for months at a time.
Be Steadfast in his belief that any person can become world class (top 1%) in six months.
So what are you f*cking waiting for?!
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