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Remus's Revelation - A Sci-Fi Alien Romance: The Quasar Lineage Book 7 by Pearl Tate

Remus's Revelation - A Sci-Fi Alien Romance: The Quasar Lineage Book 7 by Pearl Tate 

Happily committed and content in my harem, I assume I’m chosen to go after my brother Travek due to my faithfulness. I’m not excited to go off-planet, but I’ll serve my council mother and church Sacred Mother in whatever capacity they request.

When I arrive, I’m dismayed to see mating marks have developed on my chest, and the pull to meet the human female inspiring them keeps me distracted—and feeling guilty.

Do I let this mating progress and betray my Ermada? Is it possible to even deny a mating pull?

When her life is in danger, any rational thought disappears as instinct takes over…

Struggling to be “normal” at the college I’m attending, I find it aggravating to visit the shrink. She doesn’t understand or believe that I’ve been abducted by little, grey aliens.

When I’m sucked into their bright light while at a study group, I’m shocked that they’re abducting me from a room with other people—why can I suddenly remember not only this visit but dozens more? And who is this strange, new alien claiming I’m his mate?

This SciFi Romance alien book contains Adult Language and Steamy Adult Bedroom Scenes. It is intended for 18+ Readers & Adults Only.

It's part of a science fiction romance series but can be read as a standalone story with no cliffhangers!


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