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Tempting the Billionaire: A Sweet and Clean Romance by Ginny Sterling

Tempting the Billionaire: A Sweet and Clean Romance by Ginny Sterling

Falling in love can happen with the click of a mouse...

Jemma Hastings enjoys the liberating freedom that being online can bring. Discovering a friendship with another student has given her someone to talk to when she feels alone. Both struggled growing up, reaching out to the faceless person on the other side of the world- a person who seemed to understand and care. The first rule in being friends was honoring each other’s privacy. No real names, no photos, and absolutely no details.

Her childhood internet friend has always been there for her. He used to talk her through her fears, the ups and downs of dating, as well as starting her own business. Time has a way of slipping by… but twenty-four years later – he is no longer anonymous- nor is he a teenager anymore.

Aaron Ichiyo is the billionaire mastermind behind the software company A. I. When he chooses to hire a marketing firm to launch his latest product – he finds the owner of the company is enchanting. When tragedy strikes, Jemma steps in for support just like the friend he once had. When identities are discovered, can their friendship blossom into true love… even when they are worlds apart?


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