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AN AIR THAT KILLS by Joseph J Bohnaker

AN AIR THAT KILLS by Joseph J Bohnaker

Fatal refuge 
Sometimes tragedy comes down on us like a cruel hammer, destroying the fabric of our lives. Lillian Barry, a reluctant minor socialite, suffers such a tragedy when her first husband lashes out by doing the unthinkable, unleashing a world of hate and deception, driving her to seek refuge in the past.
The Adirondack wilderness where her grandparents lived becomes her refuge and she sets out to build a new life there. But her daughters are against this step down in position and the past coils up, challenging her plans. Too much time is spent building her dream, a small, resourceful farm, and tense relations with her daughters, her new husband and her best friend spiral out of control, leaving her charged with a chilling double murder. 
Set in the in the late 1940’s-early 50’s, the story reveals the sometimes wild atmosphere of that time. It celebrates those who would fight to preserve their rural traditions and shows the deep introspection and unexpected mysteries of the small towns and villages, as Lillian’s friends and family struggle to confront their tragic failures.


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