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The Feather Throne: An Animals of Green Briar Novel by M.R. Midnight

The Feather Throne: An Animals of Green Briar Novel by M.R. Midnight 

"I have to believe that cleverness is enough; for cleverness is all I have."

With the death of the Shimmer King and the dying of his light, the animals of Green Briar are thrown into darkness in a land turned savage. Terrorised by the bats of the Night Flock and their murderous leader, Lucifug the Shepherd, they must use their wits if they want to survive.

It falls to Corvus the clever crow to travel across Green Briar to bring together its most unlikely saviours (a family of warrior sparrows, two feuding clans, a troupe of rats skilled at deception, and a mysterious bird with an unusual gift) and convince them by any means possible to follow his plan to defeat the Night Flock and restore the Feather Throne to the birds. 

But sparrows, blackbirds and rats won't be enough to win this war, and Corvus must also seek the help of more powerful, and more treacherous, allies - the owls of the Twilight Woods. 

With enemies all around, Corvus will learn that in order to fight evil, great sacrifices have to be made, and that sometimes, to save the ones that you love, you must become darker than the night.


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