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I Matter by Josh Baker

I Matter by Josh Baker

Lucas is a young, naive college student on a journey to find an answer to the question: “Why won’t others accept me?” While he recognizes that he comes from an amazing family with an affluent lifestyle, his life is empty as he continually struggles to connect with his peers, especially women. Freshman year is a huge disappointment for Lucas. His frustration mounts due to a lifelong infatuation with a family friend, who sees him as nothing more than platonic. Lucas comes home for the summer deciding to alter his path. He bonds with his therapist and takes on a job at a local scrapyard; that is where he meets Jason. Jason is a forty-year-old ex-marine-sniper, who fought in Desert Storm. Tall, broad, tattooed, and cheeky grinned, Jason is the antithesis of Lucas. Surprisingly, through their various adventures together, they begin to discover that they may not be so different from one another. Lucas’s family is uncomfortable with this new friendship and the therapist has his suspicions. Lucas puts all his faith in Jason but realizes that he may not be the person he thought he was. There is a secret Jason is hiding.


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