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SHADOW by Joe Addison

In a nightmarish twist of fate, a young boy back from the dead and with several scores to settle, unleashes horror on a quiet, sleepy town, leaving the people petrified and the police clueless!

“Chad!” he called through tight, angry lips. “Chad! Stop fooling around!”
There was no response. Only an unnatural silence pervaded the atmosphere. Ross felt a bit edgy. Not quite sure what to make of it just yet, he turned around and looked at Samantha’s window some meters away; the light in her apartment were still on, and the reflection through her window provided what little brightness that Ross could make use of. The surroundings were enveloped in eerie shades.
Then Ross saw a vague movement up ahead. It was swift; a dark, hooded figure crossing the street and disappearing behind a building on the other side of the road, after pausing for a split moment to glare at the police officer.
The figure moved quickly, crossing to the other side of the street where it disappeared into the shadows. Mac Ross hesitated uncertainly, gasped, and then drew his service pistol. He ran forward in the direction of the unknown person.
“Hey!” he yelled. “Hey!”
Half way down, Ross kicked something on the ground that caused him to stumble. It felt like a stump or a discarded wooden object. When he turned to look at what it was, he shrank back, aghast at the grisly object he found on the cold ground.
It was a freshly severed human limb, a bloody leg cut from the knee down with the victim’s shoe still on the foot – a regular police-issued, shiny black leather shoe!


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