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The Tycoon's Sister (Silverpines Companion Tales Book 6) by Jenna Brandt

The Tycoon's Sister (Silverpines Companion Tales Book 6) by Jenna Brandt

She’s a women’s suffrage advocate with her own substantial wealth, he’s a livery worker saving for a future he may never get. What happens when she comes tumbling into his life?

Elizabeth Holt has her own inheritance that she wants to be in charge of, but her aunt and brother think her incapable of running her own life. When she makes one mistake in Boston, her aunt sends her to stay with her brother in Silverpines. When she arrives, she is less than happy about the situation, and she doesn’t want to be stuck in the remote town filled with strangers.

George Caldwell left his home in Rockwood Springs, Texas to chase the woman he thought he loved. After being rejected not only by her, but by a second woman he met in Silverpines, George wonders if he will ever find the right woman to love. When the uppity Elizabeth Holt gets dumped by her horse into his proverbial lap, he knows she can’t be the one, or could she?


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