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Comet's Blazing Love (Holliday Islands Resort Book 5) by Jenna Brandt

Comet's Blazing Love (Holliday Islands Resort Book 5) by Jenna Brandt

He’s a Olympic gold medalist, she’s a wellness coach, and they have to learn to run a fitness island resort together.

Blake “The Blazing Comet” Holliday is an internationally famous gold medalist runner. Known around the world for being a playboy billionaire and sports icon, the last thing he wants to do is settle down and run the fitness island his father has put him in charge of at the family resort. What’s worse, his father has hired a wellness guru who thinks it’s her job to tell him how to incorporate a spa and wellness program into the island’s offerings.

Peyton Belmont is a renowned wellness coach who has spent the last decade building up her brand. In order to take her company to the next level, though, she needs a cash infusion. So, when Gordon Holliday offers to hire her for a hefty sum to help overhaul his fitness island at his family resort, she decides she can give up a couple of months to get the money she needs. What she doesn’t plan on is putting up with Blake Holliday.

Can Peyton and Blake learn to get along? Will they give into the attraction they are fighting to deny? And can they make Comet Island the best fitness destination in all the world without destroying it in the process?

After growing his Alaskan resort empire into the “honeymooner’s paradise of the world,” Gordon Holliday is ready to retire. But there’s no way he can cruise the globe in his luxury yacht until his sons are groomed and polished into proper executives to take his place. There’s just one catch: He’s convinced their biggest current job requirement is marriage!

To help find the perfect matches for his nine billionaire playboy sons, he secretly enlists the help of a high-end matchmaker, Evelyn Reese of True Love Connection, Inc. ( She visits the islands under the auspices of becoming a future investor and begins to work her magic. What ensues is a delightful romp of sizzling new business “partnerships” and dates, laugh-out-loud mayhem, and sweet holiday attractions. You won’t want to miss a single one!

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