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Lawfully Brave by Jo Grafford, The Lawkeepers

Lawfully Brave by Jo Grafford, The Lawkeepers

Sergeant Luke Jordan and his squad of K9 handlers have successfully routed out so many enemy combatants that he’s become known throughout his military police unit as Sergeant Fang. When he and his dog, Hellion, travel home to Texas for Christmas, they’re looking forward to two weeks of well-earned and uninterrupted rest.
They didn’t count on arriving home to the news headline of, Missing Child. All volunteers needed ASAP. However, he understands how important it is to find a missing person during the first twenty-four hours, so he and Hellion report to duty instead of vacation.

Coco Winslet has always loved animals and always dreamed of helping others, so it’s no surprise to anyone when the young veterinarian starts her own volunteer K9 search and rescue team after hours. They’ve been training for months to prepare for their first real mission. When Davy Henderson goes missing on the last day of school before winter break, she can’t refuse the call for volunteers — even though she’s supposed to be on a plane home to California.

Though Luke is impressed by the commitment of Coco’s volunteers during the holidays, he worries about their lack of experience in the first crisis they encounter together. Meanwhile, Coco is so busy trying to prove her team is up to the task, that she takes an unnecessary risk…or two.

He finds himself juggling two teams who’ve never worked together, mounting dangers, and a growing attraction to a very determined young woman as they race to solve this latest amber alert before it’s too late.


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