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Mommy, Am I Pretty? Alina Patton Jones - MSW, illustrated by Jen Hill

Mommy, Am I Pretty? Alina Patton Jones - MSW, illustrated by Jen Hill

The author is a professional model and MSW with over 20 years of experience in crisis intervention, women’s health counseling and guidance counseling. Her expertise in mental and behavioral health issues in adults, young adult, adolescents and children is what led her to become an author. She wrote “Mommy am I pretty?” after working with so many parents with children and teens who struggle with self esteem issues especially in today’s world of social media. “It is very easy for ALL of us to look at everyone else’s life and think that it is perfectly curated however, that is just not true. Everyone has insecurities. The question becomes, how do you deal with them?” The book uses the word “pretty” as a metaphor for how one feels on the inside. The book teaches the reader to look within and identify those special skills and talents that each individual possess. By the end of the story, the main character no longer compares herself to others or questions her own self worth and realizes that she is “pretty too”. The author lives in New York City with her husband and two children.


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