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Splendificent: An Urban Fantasy Adventure by Dacy Alex

Splendificent: An Urban Fantasy Adventure by Dacy Alex

Lusted over by men, hunted by demons!

California girl Giselle Nyfall is a lovable, kultzy, dorky, wannabe cool college freshman who arrives in the Big Apple to attend Hemera University. Instead of a higher education she finds herself in a dangerous situation when a computer glitch lands her in an Upper East Side penthouse for extraordinary young women. And her sexy new roomies aren’t your ordinary college girls. One is an elf princess with a love for skating and the art of war, the other a B.B. gun toting fairy exiled to the human world for being too violent by her mother — the Tooth Fairy —, a social media obsessed shapeshifter, and finally, a vampire succubus demon with a big gambling problem.

Together they uncover a curse which threatens New York's elite and endangers the big apple with a demonic invasion from the deepest levels of hell. The only cure that can save the Big Apple in this splendidly magnificent tale is…Giselle and her Hot Squad!

Warning: Splendificent is a raunchy, wild comedy intended for mature readers only!


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