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Protected By A Savage: A BWWM Tale by Amaya Black

Protected By A Savage: A BWWM Tale by Amaya Black

Fresh off the plane from exile in Paris, eighteen year old Mia Winters returns home to New York. Finally, she believes that she can begin to make her own path once she is in complete control of her trust fund.

However, the streets have other plans for Mia. In fact, they want her dead for unknown reasons. Enter Zan Davis, the one man who will protect Mia with his life. He's watched her grow up and blossom into an untouchable flower. He knows that there can never be anything between them because her brother is his best friend, that has charged him with protecting her.

Zan vows to gaurd Mia's life and her body with everything in him....even if it costs him his life.

A journey soon ensues that leads them from the city and into the country, with the hopes of escaping danger. But the killer that's coming for Mia won't stop until every drop of blood flows from her body.

Warning there are moments that could trigger someone, proceed with caution. No cheating. Story is wrapped up in a neat bow.


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