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Remember Fate (Healing Hearts Book 5) by Ginny Sterling

Remember Fate (Healing Hearts Book 5) by Ginny Sterling

Lucy Reyes didn’t need anyone interfering with her life as an investigative reporter. She’d found out the hard way that having to depend on someone made you weak and left you vulnerable. When she overhears a private conversation that leaves her feeling sorry for her childhood crush, she takes up the mantle and begins writing the soldier who’d been betrayed.

Jamie Post had always known the direction of his life. He had a fiancée back home and was working diligently to be a strong provider until he discovers that Annabelle’s loyalty lies elsewhere - in someone else’s arms. Jamie takes what comfort he can in purging all his thoughts and emotions to a acquaintance on the other side of the world, when suddenly Lucy materializes on base in Afghanistan in jeopardy.

Can Lucy tackle a job in the middle of a warzone while fighting the feelings inside of her? Will Jamie discover that letting down his guard means letting someone back into his heart? Can fate intervene, bringing these two hearts together in a world torn apart?


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