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The Door to Far-Myst (The Adventures of Rupert Starbright Book 1) by Mike Dicerto

The Adventures of Rupert Starbright

Rupert Dullz lives in Graysland – a boring town, where boring people care about nothing the raking the boring dead leaves that fall all year round. Until one day a colorful stranger descends from the sky seeking a child with the best Imagination. Well- the people of Graysland are too boring to even imagine the imagination. But Rupert discovers he has this magical ability and heads off on heart pounding and dangerous adventures where he doesn’t need spells or potions or wands – but instead learns to wield the wonderous and powerful Imaginings that fills his mind! Rupert faces dangers, evil creatures and meets wonderful new friends along the way! Children from 8 to 80 will find themselves engrossed in the page turning excitement. Read all the Rupert Starbright books! Soon to be an exciting animated series!


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