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Ichewa by Joshua Antony

Ichewa by Joshua Antony

The towering trees of the Amazon threw the ground below them into shadow. Aided by the clouds that showered the ground in rain, the forest was a symphony of tweets and patter. The insects burrowed into their muddy homes and climbed the trees to seek refuge from the torrent. Preparing to receive a new member of the Kulgan tribe, the animals and critters of the forest were doing their best to radiate positive energy into the jungle.
The recent fires of the tribe located at the edge of the Amazon had sent waves of warmth into the forest. Sensitive to all energy, the animals and critters had formed an associative pattern that began with such warmth and ended with the entrance of a young member of the Kulgan tribe into the jungle. And just now, another round of warmth was beginning to spread through the trees of the Amazon rainforest as Ichewa prepared for his journey.


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