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Talk Kindle by Gemma Donoghue

Talk Kindle by Gemma Donoghue 

Sometimes the past just won't let go. You wake up and everything has changed. Your whole world is turned upside down. And you know that things will never be the same.

Four lives, two different roads, two destinations: a psychiatric hospital or the morgue.

For Susie, she's the oldest and the most responsible, the voice of reason in the family, and maintained the facade of happiness. But dig a little deeper and find a girl still scared, looking for her father's love, and substituting it with sex and alcohol.

For Mary, she is the youngest and suffered the most from their painful childhood, can only find peace through cutting and is in a constnt battle with her parents, her sister and her life.

George Hale is a charming man, who chose to live an unconventional life, and stubbornly forced those ideals on his family. He drank. He would pick fights. He would disappear for days on end only to return and uproot them from their life
and they would find some new place to live.

Secrets like the ones the girls were harboring paled in comparison to the ones that their parents were keeping from them, each other, and everyone else.

The Hales are an all American middle class family on the outside. But behind their masquerade each memeber of the family has their own dark secrets. When Mary reached the breaking point and decided that enough was enough and tries to end it all, she was given a second chance at life in with therapy and a treatment center. Susie was determined to help her sister fight and discover their shared demons that brought them here in the first place.


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