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The Boss's Control (LOVE OR LUST Book 2) by Summer Rose

The Boss's Control (LOVE OR LUST Book 2) by Summer Rose

Abby used to be Katherine’s assistant, but now things have changed. She moved to a new place and has a new boss. But the problem is, this new boss is something else, and soon Abby is falling for him. With many risks and mysteries surrounding this man, will Abby figure out her feelings? Or will she continue to ignore them and refuse to pursue this?
Hot, steamy scenes
A new flame that ignites in Abby
Abby’s boss is her neighbor, who is both mysterious and interesting
The man teases her, making her beg for more
He almost kisses her many times, and Abby grows frustrated
The fun of frustration that’s seen in Abby
A trial that has an interesting reward at the base of this
The warning, and whether Abby will follow it or not
A date, which shows the masks are coming off
Hot scenes which show this guy is not only in control, but he cares too
The potential for something more—But will they take it?


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