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Why Don't You Want My Stuff? Audible Audiobook – Unabridged Josh Levine (Author), Jacob McNatt (Narrator), Josh Levine Speaks (Publisher)

Why Don't You Want My Stuff?  Audible Audiobook – Unabridged Josh Levine (Author), Jacob McNatt (Narrator), Josh Levine Speaks (Publisher)

Why Don't You Want My Stuff? is a boomer’s guide to downsizing, their millennial kid's psyche, and just things that are so.

An easy-to-understand (maybe, even fun) guide through the secondary market of online retailing, auctions, and estate sales. Gather consignment insight, trend forecasting (from Pokemon to music boxes), appraisal techniques, and buying tips from CEO and auctioneer Josh Levine's almost 20 years of experience in the auction world.

Collectors - pick at the brain of an experienced appraiser and auctioneer. Uncover Levine’s projected market trends on a variety of pieces, compare war stories, and gain tips on online retailing.

Boomers - stop asking your kids why they don't want your stuff! Levine will reveal some of the psychology behind their disinterest and even resentment of your items. From China to furniture, the gen-Xers and millennials just don’t view your treasures like you do. Gain an understanding of the supply and demand of the market and the cyclical trend that is style, purchase behavior, and ultimately life.

Gen-Xers - Are you caught between a rock and a hard place? Don’t worry, we’ll break the news to your parents about their collection of China and the like. As for you, we'll explain the trouble of trying to sell all of your parent's and relative's items that you don't want and where to go from there (hint: Think of all the people who also don't want their parent's stuff).

Millennials - Yup, there’s even some knowledge for you in here. You escaped inheriting some beanie babies and VHS tapes from your parents, so what do you do with all of that space? First off, pass on the minimalist trend. Then, think about the possibilities.

You know how bell bottoms are back in? Soon, so will these trinkets, furniture styles, and fad pieces like Pokemon. Get ahead of your peers and start collecting now. Levine will shed some light on what's hot and what's not.

From any perspective, you will finish with an understanding of the generational disconnect.


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