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The Art of Achievement: Modern self-actualization. Achieve potential and self-confidence to transcend into improving your life. Kindle Edition by Grant Russo (Author)

A simple, easy-to-follow roadmap for taking charge of your destiny and rewriting your life story…

Are you tired of undermining your own abilities? Of letting other people define what your life is about?

Guess what: You can start to make a change, right here, right now.

The frustration of trying to conform to the expectations of others can feel suffocating at times, as if you have no room in life to be yourself.

You become so caught up in the wants and needs of others that you forget to prioritize your own achievements and self-worth -- but no more.

Learning how to achieve your true potential through mindset shifts, psychological theories, and practical application will make it easier than ever before to begin improving your life.

You'll discover how to purposefully direct your focus towards productive, momentum-building actions and choices that will kickstart your exploration of what you can accomplish when you set your mind to it.

Feeling trapped and discouraged is no way to go through life, and by developing an understanding of the theories of self-actualization and self-determination, you can begin to set yourself free.

Then, it's just a matter of implementing this new understanding into your everyday philosophy.


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