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Flight for Honor: Redemption Bluff #13 Kindle Edition by Ray Anselmo (Author), Erin Dameron-Hill (Illustrator)

By the summer of 1870, Redemption Bluff, Kansas was an established town. The isolated settlement had grown as outlaws and renegades, runaways and fallen women, the traumatized and rejected had come, found second chances, new jobs and new lives. And in at least a dozen cases, found true love as well.

Which leaves Cletus Morris wondering when he’ll meet someone.

The self-described hillbilly, mercantile owner and Civil War sniper is sick and tired of every other man meeting the woman of his dreams. So he takes matters into his own hands, writing a famous agency in New Orleans to send him a mail-order bride. Surely they can find him someone suitable for a fifty-something bachelor.

But a paperwork error leads to trouble, and the woman who arrives is even less interested in him than he is in her. Worse still, she’s running away from an arranged marriage – and her groom-to-be, his pride slighted, is on his way from the Crescent City to bring her back. Throw in a bitter spinster, a hayseed with matrimony on his mind, the start of the town’s first newspaper, the ongoing effort to get the railroad to come, and the mercantile clerk’s new baby, and Cletus has a lot of problems to solve.

Oh, and did we mention some of the local Indians are on the warpath?

Add it all up, and it might take a miracle to straighten things out. But miracles are Redemption Bluff’s stock in trade, even if you can’t buy one at the mercantile. How will it all come out? Find out as Cletus and everyone around him take off on a FLIGHT FOR HONOR.


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