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A Tale of Magical Ramblings and War by Sharon Baldwin

Roxi, the witch, can’t catch a break! Mayhem follows her like a shadow. Roxi, and her friends, Phillipe, the Halfling, Sarah, the turquoise dragon plus her non magical friends, Mel, Annie the dog, and a score of others join her to seek justice for the few survivors who had their home planet decimated by a technological strike way beyond Earth’s scientific capability. One crisis after another leads to a major confrontation in an airs-above-ground fight to the death between good and evil. There was hope for a peaceful retirement if she and her loyal community of courageous magicians, wizards, dragons, beasts and flying creatures banded together and slammed the enemy aliens with a barrage of magic so strong they were able to vanquish a spell cast eons ago by a shady sorcerer from a galaxy far, far away.



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