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Moonlight Canyon: Murder and Magic by Yurie Kiri

Terrible Things Are Happening In Silver City

The rural paradise of Silver City, just south of Moonlight Canyon, is under attack. Half-eaten, mutilated bodies are showing up in public places. The peaceful residents of Silver City are in a panic. Horrible murders shouldn’t happen here. Evil like that is reserved for the big cities, right? Wrong.

Are Drug Smugglers To Blame?

A powerful, south of the border, drug kingpin named Tito Ocotillo could be responsible. Tito’s biker gang, the Coyotes, are very capable of murdering their enemies and putting them on public display as a warning to others.

Could It Be Space Aliens? Or Ancient Native American Dark Rituals?

Some people believe that space aliens are dismembering people to study us. Tito Ocotillo is using an old, mysterious Native American woman called Jane to try and open up a portal to the underworld. Whatever is terrorizing Silver City must be stopped and fast before this pastoral heaven becomes a living hell.



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