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Detox: Managing Insecurity in the Workplace by Melanie Pump

Is your team willing to propose game-changing ideas and offer diverse opinions? Will they take personal risks for the sake of your company and its reputation? Most leaders can’t answer yes to these questions, especially during critical times of change.


Why not? Because your team members instinctively understand your workplace culture, and they recognize the dangers of pushing beyond that culture’s comfort zone.


Through stories and examples, Detox demonstrates the real, tangible impact of toxic work environments that stifle innovation, collaboration, succession planning, and productivity—and shows you what you can do to change it.


Learn how to create a healthy, secure environment that can dispel the natural insecurities and fears within your team. Instead of fostering a workplace that magnifies human frailties, discover the proven strategies and practices that can address your team’s emotional needs and unlock their true potential.



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