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He Who Weaves Nightmares by R. Carrillo Sharma

When the three gods of the dream world accidentally cause a mass homicide, their father, Erebus, decides to punish them and send them to the earthly realm. The eldest, the weaver of dreams who can mimic any human form, finds the mortals dull playthings that are beneath him. The youngest, the weaver of fantasy who can mimic all shapes of nature, has always been secretly in love with the complicated race. The middle child, the weaver of nightmares who can mimic beasts and monsters, carries the guilt why all three are banished, and he desires nothing more but to return to his post.


The brothers are proud gods who worry that the world will become bleaker without them to inspire men and women through their dreams. They do not want to leave their crucial responsibility with their father who is too busy forming darkness. They have always believed mortals are dreary and unimaginative creatures who need their guidance. Until they meet Selene.  




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