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How to trade Stocks: While having fun at the Jersey Shore by Emma C. Holmes

The fictional character Lewis Lenard McKinsey resides in New York City which is in close proximity to Wall Street; although not being particularly professionally associated; however, external connections is immensely evident when considering his persistent known propensity in stating; “You can’t lose with the stuff Lou uses” prospectively referring to trading; that denotes it’s a matter of personal decisions when considering trading sometimes have a level of diminishing returns; by his utilizing special extraordinary methodical techniques initiatives with tenaciously, then insists that the system works knowing there are times when it’s necessary to resisted strongly concerning speculative stocks; due to the nebulous propensity of opting unnecessary risk.
Instead, he preferred personal authentic private intuitive strategies by weaving through market investment adhering to internal suggestions and by measurably advising others to: ‘never drop it like it’s hot,’ just focus on prospective targets while riding the waves to success, and consciously accessing that in most cases, ‘It’s not whether you win or lose; but it’s, how you play the game.’
In essence; Lewis L. McKinsey is a wealthy businessman who reminisces of his past, initially, this sage describes his current business reality. Then later deliberately unfolds into encumbered details reminiscing of his coming of age; by exploring varied vibrant, profound glimpses of exuberant youthful experiences, especially, when visiting the Jersey Shore, which occurred long before his college days, and successful career apparatus. Imagine the beauty of New Jersey seashore, back in the fifties, which some may remember. Considering that many old-timers today, would probably resonate with hearing an old song while walking the boardwalk at the New Jersey Shore, and that song was; “Those Wildwood days” by Bobby Rydell. Lou as they called him surmised that even today that memorable song is still being played; however, back in the day, the song seemed to have held more relevance. In those days hanging out with his friends and consuming cases of Cold Duck, provides somewhat of a lens into their rebellious ways, and meeting wayward women; of whom they thought were the greatest thing since sliced bread.
The intentional purpose is to provide an absorbing whimsical story of a wealthy man who deliberately reflects on humbler times. This may be considered somewhat of being a rags-to-riches saga. Witness how Lewis derives at his present conclusion while illustrating how he arrived at being a Wall Street contender. This exposition entails elements of love, unavoidable challenges, embroiled with graceful benevolent experiences of which contribute to an enhanced life well lived on purpose. Journey with me down the halls of memory lane, and explore the most poignant extraordinary experiences of his life.


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