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The Lazy Investor: How to Set a Profitable & Hassle-free Investment Portfolio by David Mann

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Create a Profitable, Stress-Free Financial Future Through Passive Investing.

What if you discovered that passive investing was actually more profitable than time-consuming hands-on portfolio management? Would you believe it if you knew that doing less can make you wealthier than working hard?

If you want a passive investment portfolio that works for you but doesn’t require hours and hours of your time - this book is for you!

In The Lazy Investor, author and passive investment expert David Mann shows you how easy it is to implement passive investment strategies that help build and secure your financial future – not to mention, they’re perfect for your overall peace of mind.

In The Lazy Investor, you’ll learn:

  • passive investing strategy goals to begin minimizing (or eliminating) dependencies on job salaries
  • why active investment strategies are far more costly and time-consuming than passive investing
  • how simple passive investment approaches — doing nothing — including how to set a personal investment plan — can work for you
  • what to do when the government wants their piece of your investment income pie
  • profitable ways to invest passively without the fear of compromising or exceeding your personal tolerance for risk
  • and much, much more!

The time to establish a simple, consistent and profitable investment strategy is today. Don't fall for too-good-to-be-true, get-rich-quick schemes.

Throw away all of those headache-inducing, questionable, and very complicated investment guides.

If you’re new to the world of finance or you want to explore a less hands-on alternative to time-consuming investment strategies, The Lazy Investor is for you.

Today is the perfect day to start building your worry-free financial future through passive investments.

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