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Sugar Creek by Karen Daugherty

Leah McKinney has always wanted a life she could be proud of. As the new interim principal at a high school in Louisville, Kentucky, she’s fulfilled her goal of reaching the top; if only she can convince her boss she deserves to keep it. But her love life is another story. Three years with the same guy and still no ring has her worried he might be having second thoughts. Not to mention the pressure she feels from her family, especially her snobby cousins, Kate and Allison, whose lives appear to be perfect. As Leah strives to make everything work, her life is about to take a drastic turn.


Over the fall break, Leah flies to Dallas, Texas, for a weekend of extravagant celebrations. An engagement party for Allison and a christening for Kate. But the celebrations quickly turn to chaos when Leah comes face-to-face with a past she’s been hiding. A former life she never wanted anyone to know about. The one that began at Sugar Creek.


As Leah’s life unravels, the pain of her past will force her to confront the hard truths in her life. Through the hilarious and sometimes dark twists and turns of SUGAR CREEK, she’ll have to learn to let go of relationships not meant for her journey, to lean on the people who love her the most, and to trust the one thing that’s never let her down...herself.  



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