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The Stoned Theory Of My Own Destruction and Technossance Magazine by Richard Tattoni

In Richard Tattoni's first book, his novel defies conventions. Stereotypes face you in the mix on this thrilling ride of a classic. Ray McFadden is twenty-nine and his troubles with hallucinogens and struggles with schizophrenia lead him down a crazy path where he must deal with reality and face his dysfunctional family. The Stoned Theory of My Own Destruction presents a complex, disturbed narrator who is very convincing; this is a harrowing look at a mind that’s suffering from mental illness. It weaves together Ray's family history with his present-day condition and hallucinations.

In Richard Tattoni's second book, his free-flowing, non-linear stories create a bigger picture of one elaborate story, drawing the reader into a tragic comedy of epic proportions. The Technossance Magazine presents a unique twist to the comic book format. Richard leaks a collection of Lionheart’s stories with issues. We often speak about reading as an escape, a book to read, to keep us company, but it caused Richard to perceive the world more intensely, more avidly, observing things differently with a different tenor and understanding. The magazine keeps him company in the strange, real world. To learn more about Richard Tattoni and Technossance Magazine, you can visit and for more.



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