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WHAT NOW?: Tales of the Derry Plague: Three Kindle Edition by Ray Anselmo (Author), Erin Dameron-Hill (Illustrator)


Alice McClintock only planned on going to school. In the midst of a pandemic, she’s finding she has a lot more to learn.

Alice was driving east to start her Ph.D. program at a prestigious university – until at a rest stop in Ohio, people start dropping dead all around her! Unable to summon help, and with the world rapidly closing down, she is forced to do the unthinkable: survive and keep going with no one else to rely on.

And someone relying on her. Because in an abandoned church sits Sean Mullen, three years old and with no one to turn to. Alice, a complete stranger, is his only hope – nobody else is around to take care of him. She has to find him – and herself – a safe place to live, food and shelter and all the necessities of life, while keeping her sanity and hopefully discovering community in a suddenly depopulated United States.

As Alice and Sean travel from small town to big city to the hallowed halls of the nation’s capital, looking for a home and for helpers in a brave new world, they have to be prepared for anything. And at each step, they find themselves asking, WHAT NOW?

From the author of the bestselling LAST and SANTA CRUZ comes the third Tale of the Derry Plague, WHAT NOW? Get ready for the unexpected.


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