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DEEP STING series (4 book series) by Cullen Scott

🚨 Unlock the gateway to a future where justice has a digital heartbeat with the DEEP STING series by Cullen Scott! 🌐💔


🧠💀 "Notification Alert: Your neuro-activated chip is encoded and set. Terms of your expiry apply." 💀🧠

Immerse yourself in a world where the line between security and freedom is etched in the silicon of neuro-activated chips. In this heart-pounding 4-book series, Cullen Scott unravels a dystopian thriller that questions the price of perfect peace.

This sci-fi thriller-adventure is a rollercoaster ride for young adults (16+ years) and adults alike. Brace yourself for separation anxiety, loss, and the struggle for change against a backdrop of a society that demands conformity.

Embark on this gripping journey exclusively on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited, where each novella unlocks a piece of the puzzle. Secure your copy now and question what you thought you knew about justice, sacrifice, and the price of a utopian dream. 🌌🔒 

🔍 Book 1 – The Savior (

🌐 Explore the genesis of a society saved by a chilling yet foolproof deterrent. Is the sacrifice worth the utopian illusion?

🔍 Book 2 – The Warden’s World (

🌐 Dive into a meticulously crafted world where loyalty is tested, and the perfect order's shadows reveal secrets that could shatter everything.

🔍 Book 3 – Sofia’s Choice (

🌐 Witness the dilemmas faced in a world where choices aren't always black and white. How far would you go to protect what you love?

🔍 Book 4 – Talon’s Sacrifice (

🌐 Confront the ultimate sacrifice in the thrilling conclusion, where loyalty and friendship collide with the fate of a world held hostage by its own invention.


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