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The Value of You: The Guide to Living Boldly and Joyfully Through the Power of Core Values by Christopher D. Connors

The Value of You is the personal development guide for anyone looking to boldly live life on their own terms. This inspirational book is a journey into the powerful values that define our human experience. Christopher D. Connors shares remarkable stories of famous people and everyday heroes who have lived and shown us the values of hope, love, confidence, fire, faith and more. We all want to live a happy, fulfilling life, but far too often we put things off for another day. Through discipline and perseverance, we learn that values are what provide us direction and purpose on the journey to living the life of our dreams. From there, we can game plan around the things in our lives that matter most- and win each day. Values are the constant that position us for happiness and success. Values are a way of life. Start your journey today with The Value of You and learn why one reader calls this, "the book of a generation!"


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