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Algorithm Universe Theory Book 3: Super symmetry Primer by Gregory Friedlander

"If you begin to read this book, by the time you are finished your view of the universe will be completely altered."

Algorithm Universe Theory Book 3: Super symmetry Primer

Just as Energy and Matter are the same thing, Space and Energy are the same thing. We are made out of space.

Algorithm Universe Theory (AUT) explains how space and energy interact and why we experience that interaction constantly. We see the constant interaction of space and photons as acceleration and deceleration.

Movement is space decompressing from higher states, in particular photons which in turn decompress from wave energy.

AuT explains specifically what time is and how history exists in a quantum universe environment. It gives the symmetry of the universe below thermodynamics explaining the big bang, wave-particle duality, black holes, the nature of space and all other mysterious phenomena in easy to understand terms.


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