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Lampwick Smith and the Infernal Gifts David Havener

Lampwick Smith and the Infernal Gifts David Havener 

It turns out that, rather than Hell, demons live in a place called Pandemonium, where they work night and day to win the struggle against Heaven. Three lesser demons: Glib, Snivel, and Staunch, have a particular diabolical scheme ... They plan to grant demonic powers to some spoiled rotten, suburban, junior high school-aged punks! They will cause the most damage.

Who is Lampwick Smith? He's a lonely boy from a broken family that stumbles upon this otherworldly encounter, and his life begins to change rapidly thereafter. What would middle-school boys realistically do with super powers? How does an encounter with real demons change Lampwick's perspective of the world? How will others react when he tells them? Furthermore, the death of a schoolmate brings chaos into his life. Lampwick wrestles with the truth about the supernatural, questions about God, telling friends and his mother and father about his encounter, and the truth about how his classmate died.

Read to enjoy realistic people and dialogue in a rather unrealistic scenario, with lots of insight into the human mind and into the state of Western society as it currently exists.

This is intended to be Book 1 in what will eventually be a series.


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